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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Wonderland- Snowman

Well this past weekend was a little dramatic for us. We started this weekend off by Hailey having a seizure due to a high fever. We had plans of taking the kids to see a Christmas train and going to see The Polar Express. Needless to say we were in the hospital and then home bound for the weekend. Thank goodness she is okay and we just need to watch her when she get a fever from here on out. 

The night before this preschool day I put all the pieces for the activity Snowman Game on the fridge so we started our day there when Mason discovered this fun game. I was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready when Mason found the game. We talked about what size snowmen he would like to build and he thought it would be pretty fun to build a really big snowman. He then made a few of his own snowman card combinations. Then I showed him how he could make snowmen matching the pictures provided by Mother Goose Time and he enjoyed making each of these snowmen. He was so proud that it was the first thing he showed Daddy when he got home. 
 I then asked him if he would like to read a book about a snowman. I explained to him that this was one of my favorite Christmas stories. We all sat down and read Frosty the Snowman
When we were finished reading we talked about what were some things the kids used to build Frosty. We decided they needed snow, a hat, and a scarf. We then worked on the activity Build a Snowman. I set out the supplies provided by Mother Goose time and asked them each to make their own snowman.

Here are our final products. I love the difference between the one and three years old snowmen.

We completed the activities Dress the Snowman and Snowman Roll pretty much at the same time. I set out our basket of winter clothes and the kids picked out what they thought the should wear when it is cold outside. 

Once they were finished dressing like snowmen they rolled up the couch pillows and made their own snowman. 
While we had a lot of fun on our snowman day I am glad there is not snow outside to make a real snowman. I am sure the kids feel differently.
Before daddy got home they enjoyed making some gingerbread and sugar cookies to deliver to the neighbors. 


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Wonderland- Snowflake

As part of the Mother Goose Time blogger community we are focusing on how to make preschool time a priority. To be perfectly honest I am really looking forward to what the other bloggers have to say. : ) I feel as though Christmas time is going to be very difficult to make sure we have a regular preschool time together. One thing I know that helps me is to be prepared. If I get everything set the night before I am more likely to have preschool time the next day. 

This Tuesday we finally started Mother Goose Time's December curriculum. For December our curriculum is titled "Winter Wonderland". Perfect for this time of year. We started the day with the activity Snow Cover. We talked about that it does snow where we live and it snows when it is cold outside. I then invited the kids to help me tear up some toilet paper and throw it in the air like snow. 

 They had a great time "making it snow". I then invited them over to look at our Winter Wonderland Theme Poster. We covered the poster with our snow and then pretended to dig in the snow with the Looking Glasses to find the pictures on the Looking Glasses. 

Each of the looking glasses have a question or prompt on the back. We enjoyed counting the pine cones on the tree and finding other pink items next to the hat. 

Our next activity was called Snowflake Stamp. We started by talking about that snowflakes are made in the clouds and fall to the ground. I then showed them the items we had to paint our snowflakes. Mother Goose Time provided us with a circle cut out and yarn to make a snowflake pattern on.  I thought we had white paint for sure but could not find it anywhere. So we painted colorful snowflakes. : ) Lastly they sprinkled some glitter on to make it shimmer.

 While we had the paint out I wanted to do our first Experience God lesson of the month. This month we are focusing on the nativity story through a curriculum called God is Love. I gave them each a nativity page to paint and while they painted I read the start of the nativity story to them on one of the storytelling cards.

Our final activity for the day was called No One Like Me. We talked about how snowflakes are all different. And like snowflakes we are also all different. I helped Mason to write his name and then wrote the other two's names on the name tags. They then held their name tags and danced like snowflakes until I said "freeze". 

Mason wanted to be a super cowboy rather than dancing like a snowflake. : ) 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mother Goose Time Sample Kit- Seeds

As a Mother Goose Time blogger we get to experience Mother Goose Time's Sample Kit first hand. They sent the kit to us and asked us to give it a try. So we did just that today and had so much fun! The sample kit is a great way to find out all that Mother Goose Time has to offer.

 We started the day with calendar time. Mason put the number on the garden calendar. During calendar time I play Mother Goose Time's Circle Time CD and run the bubble machine. The kids love it! We then count on the number line and sing the ABC's with Mother Goose Time's Circle Time aids. 

Next we talked about, what do you think a seed needs to grow? Luckily we have talked about this before and Mason was quick to to say dirt, water, and sunlight.  We then got out our hands-on letter S. 
We talked about what sound S makes and talked about that seeds start with the letter S. 
Then we spread out all the garden pictures in a circle. The kids each picked a picture and we recited the rhyme:

Deep under ground,
Is a seed small and round.
What will it be? 1-2-3
Mason, tell me what you see.

The kids had a great time picking different pictures and telling me what they found. 

Next we played the game Colors in the Garden. We started by talking about what we find in our garden. Mason said we have a lot of tomatoes in our garden and he doesn't really like them. : ) 
We then got out our folder game and game cube. I let the kids take turns rolling the cube and finding things in the room that matched the color on the cube. Then Mason and I sat down and played the game together. 

Next we talked about where we can find seeds. Mason said sometimes there are seeds in his food. He also said that we buy seeds from the store and plant them in our garden. I set out a bowl and the beans provided by Mother Goose Time. The kids had fun scooping the beans from bowl to bowl. 

I then encouraged Mason to scoop some and guess how many he scooped. We then put the on the planting and counting beans sheet to find out how many he actually scooped. 

He enjoyed getting them all in a line.

Our next activity was Jack and the Beanstalk. I asked them what they tallest thing was that they have ever seen. Mason said a tree. Hailey then also said a tree. : ) 
We then got some blocks out and tried to make some really tall towers. 

 I then showed them the Jack and the Beanstalk storytelling scene and pieces. While I read the story to them they picked out the pieces I was talking about. They had a fun time retelling the story when I was finished reading. 

Our last activity is an ongoing activity called Growing Seeds. Mason first decorated a planter like a bird. We then planted some seeds in our planter and are looking forward to watching it grow. 

We talked about that Mason has to be responsible and water his plant and make sure it has the right things to grow. : ) 

I received curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences in using the curriculum. I applied to be an official Mother Goose Time blogger and will continue to share my experiences throughout the 2014/15 school year.