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Monday, January 16, 2012

Feely Letter

After discovering the incredible blog, Oopsey Daisy, I HAD to start doing some of her things with little man. While most of her things are aimed at children that are much older than little man I have tried to find things that I can still do with him now. The first things I found on her blog is Mommy School which is a place where she has made some incredible themed units for her son.

The first one I decided to take on was W is for Winter. In this unit she has W activities, winter activities, activities for the number two, and white activities.

The activity we started with was Feely Letter. I printed off the W is for Winter printable from the W is for Winter Mommy School packet. I then tore wax paper and glued it inside the W.
When I gave it to little man I talked to him about what he was feeling. We then talked about the letter W and what words start with W. We also talked about winter and things we can do in winter.

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