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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowflake Painting

In Oopsey Daisy's W is for Winter Mommy School packet she has an activity called Snowflake Painting. This is such a cute idea but I felt like it was a little daring to do with little man. But we survived. : )
All you do is take painter's tape or masking tape and make a snowflake on a white piece of paper.

I then taped the paper to little man's tray.

Put a little blue washable finger paint on the paper and showed him how to spread it around. (Had to put the bink in because blue hands went straight for the mouth. )
I even gave him a sponge paint brush to try to show him how to paint a little.
It was a little messy but easy to clean up and we ended with a fridge worthy product!! (Aren't they all though?)

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