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Friday, May 4, 2012

Circus Party: Games

What is a circus without a few games? Since my son is only one I decided to create a few simple games for him and his friends. 

We already had this ball pit so we just turned it into a bounce house.
I put out some buckets and made a ball toss. When they got the balls in the bucket they got their own bouncy ball.
I made a fish pond game. This was really easy. I just made some fishing poles with a dowel rod, fishing line, and a magnet. Then I cut out some fish from construction paper. I put a paper clip on each of the fish. The kids could use the fishing poles to pick up the fish. When they picked up the fish they got their very own "goldfish".

We had to have our own photo booth. I just hung some wrapping paper up as the background. Put out some fun masks I got from Michael's and printed off line. It was so simple.

We even had our very own petting zoo!! : )
Lastly, we invited Bubbles the clown. Kids had to try to put the nose on Bubbles. If they got it close they got their own bubbles.
I set up a little prize area. Each child had their own bag with their name on it. I got the bags from Michael's.

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