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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ten Apples Up On Top

It seems like whatever you are doing there is always a Dr. Seuss book to go along with it. One of my favorites is Ten Apples Up On Top. This was a fun book to read to Little Man. After reading the book I showed him how I could try to balance an apple on my head. I tried to get him to balance it on his head but he wasn't too thrilled about that. I then gave him a paper with lots of apples on it. I found this in Oopsey Daisy's A is for Apple Mommy School packet on page 62. I let him color the apples and then cut them out for him. I put glue dots on the back and helped Little Man glue the apples on top of his head. He thought it was funny to see all the apples on his head. 

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