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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MGT Let's Go Camping- Tent

On day 2 of Mother Goose Time's "Let's Go Camping" we talked about tents. We started the day by discussing where we would want to pitch a tent. Mason said he would want to put a tent in his backyard next to his trampoline. I asked Hailey if she would want to put her tent there too and she said "yah!".

Our first activity of the day was to make a Mini Campsite. We stared by talking about what keeps a tent from falling over. I showed the kids the poles on the tent we borrowed from our friends. The first step in making our mini campsite was to color the diorama provided by Mother Goose Time.

 I then helped the kids by cutting and folding their coloring into a diorama. Pretty cool how you can make a picture look 3D with just a little cutting and taping!Hailey's is on the left and Mason's is on the right. While Mason was coloring he was asking what color each object on the picture was and would color it that color.
I then helped the kids make a tent by folding a small piece of paper, make logs for a fire out of a straw provided by Mother Goose Time, and flames for the fire out of tissue paper. Then I made a person for each of them to put in their campsite. We played "camp" with their new campsite for awhile after.

When Mason was younger we made tents all the time by throwing a sheet over the kitchen table or over some chairs.  I realized when building a tent that we have not done this often at all with Hailey (oh, the life with two children)! The kids really enjoyed making a tent in the toy room. Such a simple idea suggested by Mother Goose Time. I will have to remember this for when we need some distraction or are having a rough day because they loved it!

They even got close enough to give a hug. 
The last activity we did at home for the day was Camping Stories. We started by sitting in our tent and finding the letter T in our backpack. We talked about how tent begins with T. Then we read the Book of the Month provided by Mother Goose Time. It was called Up, Up, Up!. This book came with a CD that read the book to you and had other songs to enjoy that went with the book. The kids love reading books and really liked listening to the CD as we read it. 

We went to the park later in the day and looked for shelters where animals might live. At our park there are very large pine trees the kids can go under. We talked about how animals might live in or under the trees for shelter. Yet another fun day with Mother Goose Time!!

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