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Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Weather All Around Us"- Rain and Rainbows

We started day 5 Rain and Rainbows off with talking about why it rains. When I asked Mason why he thinks it rains he said "Because the clouds get too heavy." He does remember from our cloud day!!! Woo hoo!! 

To start out our first activity Rain, Rain, Go Away we talked about why the rain stops falling. We decided that the clouds are not as heavy or the wind has blown them somewhere else. I filled up our water table and put some cups, funnels, and strainers in there to play with. We played with the water for awhile and then we played a game where we would put the water through a strainer and sing "Rain, Rain Go Away". Mason often likes to end that song by saying "Don't come back any other day." He may have heard me sing that to the snow before. 

We had fun singing this song over and over again and inserting different names into where is says Johnny. Even Woodson (our dog) got a turn. 

I prepared for our next activity Rainbow Chain the night before by cutting strips of paper that are the colors of the rainbow. I then set the strips out and let the kids explore a bit. Then we sorted them into piles according to their colors. 
We talked about how a rainbow is made. How the sun shines through the raindrops and work together to make a rainbow. We then worked together to make a rainbow chain. When we were finished we still had some strips left over and Mason said he wanted to make a car track with them. Everything goes back to cars with this kid!!

Our last Mother Goose Time activity of the day was called My Rainbow Portrait. Mason decided his favorite color of the rainbow was blue. Hailey said blue too. I gave the kids a box of crayons and some paper. Hailey had a fun time taking the crayons in and out of the box. 

I helped Hailey draw a rainbow and a picture of her under the rainbow. She cannot draw a picture of herself yet so when I draw a picture of her I tell her what I am drawing as I draw it. My hopes is that this will help her to learn her body parts and that there is a purpose to drawing. There are so many lessons inside the lesson. It is great! Mason drew himself also. He has really enjoyed drawing his face since we completed Mother Goose Time's "My Amazing Body" unit. We then cut out our pictures and glued them to the cloud self portrait frame provided by Mother Goose Time. 

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