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Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Weather All Around Us"-Wind

Day 2 of Mother Goose Time's "Weather All Around Us" was all about wind. We started the day off talking about what the wind blows. Mason said it blows the trees and the leaves. We talked about how sometimes it even blows on us when we are outside. 

Then I showed them our Shape of the Month-rectangle. I showed them how to make a rectangle with the hands. 

I read them Does a Bear Wear A Hat in the Winter? while they played "bakery" with play dough and cupcake tins. When we got to the part about cranes flying airplanes and chipmunks storing nuts they wanted to act it out. 

 They decided this was a very silly book. Noelle even decided to enjoy the book again on her own later in the day.

Our next activity was called Be Brave. I asked them "What sounds scare you?" Mason said nothing at first. I asked him if thunder scares him sometimes and he said "yes and monsters". Then we walked around the room and tried to see if there were any scary noises. We decided that music was not scary. We decided that our footsteps were not scary. We really did not find very many scary sound at all. We then made some scary wind noises. We talked about even if we are scared of a sound we should be brave and stay strong. Mason kept saying "I'm strong. I'm brave." I then gave each of them their brave bracelets.
 I set out some leaves that were provided by Mother Goose Time for the activity, Measuring with Leaves. We started by seeing if we could blow the leaves around.

Then I traced Mason and Hailey's foot. This was very funny because it kept tickling them. We then measured the drawing of their feet with the leaves. We determined Mason's foot was three leaves long and Hailey's foot was two leaves long.

Mason even laid down so we could see how many leaves long he was. 
Our last activity of the day was Testing Wind. We talked about that the wind can be very strong or very soft. Sometimes it is even hard to walk outside because it is so windy. (They know a lot about that living in Illinois!) 
I then set out the Foam Shapes and Shape Design Mats for the kids to explore how they could fill the white space on the mat. 

Mason did something similar to this in last month's curriculum "My Amazing Body" so he was excited to show Noelle all about it. They had a hard time blowing the shapes off the paper. They decided kicking and throwing them off were the easiest.

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