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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"It's a Small World"- Camera

We started the day talking about when we take pictures during our circle time. We then looked through some of our photo albums. 

Our first activity for the day was called Camera Prop. We talked about how we pose for pictures and the kids did their best pose. I then showed them the supplies for our activity and they colored their cameras. 

Once they were finished I helped them assemble their camera. Then they took pictures. I showed them some pictures provided by Mother Goose Time that they could pretend came out of their camera. They really enjoyed using their very own camera. 

Once they finished their cameras I read this month's storybook to them: Wonder Around the World. They really enjoyed the pictures of all the places in the book.
Our last activity of the day was Photo Shapes. We talked about how we see shapes all over this month with it being Valentine's Day. They then used the shape manipulatives and created the designs on the shape design mat. 
This was another fun day with Mother Goose Time!

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