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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mother Goose Time- Learning to Love

With Mother Goose Time not only do my children have a chance to learn more about the preschool basics but they also have a chance to practice their social and emotional skills. There are of course every day situations where we practice these skills but each month Mother Goose Time includes another piece to our friendship set to help understand how we are feeling about ourselves and others. 
This last month in celebration of Valentine's Day the kids learned how to be loving. They were able to go through gift supplies likes gift bags, boxes, ribbons, and bows. They decorated and wrapped "gifts". They then decorated a friendship bracelet provided by Mother Goose Time. They then gifted their bracelet to a friend. This was a great way to show their love for each other.

Another Mother Goose Time tool we use often for social emotional development is Mother Goose Time's Experience God.
While the kids are learning about Bible stories they are also learning about those very important Fruits of the Spirit. Although it seems to be a difficult concept for them this curriculum helps me to teach the kids to be more like Jesus. 

I feel it is very important to provide a loving environment no matter what mood the kids may be in. There are some days that I am able to introduce activities as they are outlined in the Teacher Guide. Then there are other days that I have to alter my approach and I will just set out the activities for the kids to discover on their own time. When I set out the activities for them to discover I feel like they are very proud of themselves for completing the activities. 

Mother Goose Time provides many opportunities for improving our social emotional skills. There are many times that we have to work on sharing of the supplies provided by Mother Goose Time. There are also many times we have to talk about the emotions we are having if we are frustrated with an activity. All around Mother Goose Time is a wonderful tool to help my children learn about their feelings about themselves and others.    

"I received curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences in using the curriculum. I applied to be an official Mother Goose Time blogger and will continue to share my experiences throughout the 2014/15 school year."

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  1. Great post! I love how you pointed out the friendship feathers and bracelets. They always teach a great lesson.