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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Blast Off To Space"- Stars

Today was the start of our March Mother Goose Time unit "Blast Off To Space". We started our day at circle time. I started by asking "What do you know about stars?" Mason said they glow in the dark. We talked about how they are in the sky and not on the land. 

I then showed them the star shape and we counted the five points on the star. We then recited the rhyme "Five Little Stars" taking away a star each time.

Five little stars, shining so bright, 
One shot off in the dark of night.

They enjoyed taking the stars away each time we said the rhyme. 

The first activity we completed was Stars in Space. I asked them "What do you see when you look at the night sky?" Mason first said dark. We also decided we see the moon and stars. I then showed them the Theme Poster. We talked about what was on the poster. We found Earth and I explained that is the planet we live on. Mason of course liked the rocket ship. 

I then showed them the Looking Glasses. Mason first found the sun. After finding the sun he made a sun with his arms and identified that the sun is yellow. He also looked on the poster for other yellow things.

 Next he found a star on the poster. He knew from earlier that their are five points on a star.
Our next activity was Dancing Stars. I asked them "What do you think makes the stars twinkle?" Mason wasn't sure. I then explained to them that stars are always shining. When dust and rocks go past the stars in the atmosphere it makes them look like they are twinkling. I then gave them their supplies to make their own twinkling star. They started by coloring their stars. 

I then gave them a glue stick and a spice container with glitter in it to make their stars glimmer. 

Their star wands turned out great! 

Our next activity was Superstar. We talked about how stars can change when they get older. We talked about how it is called a supernova when a star explodes. We then made a fist with our hands and acted like we were making a fast supernova and a slow supernova.
Mason then wrote his name on his name tag. I wrote the other kids' names on their name tags and recited the letters out loud. They then decorated their name tags. 
Our last activity for the day was from the Experience God curriculum. We started talking about Jesus being tempted. We read the first part of the story and the kids colored their pictures.

"I received curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences in using the curriculum. I applied to be an official Mother Goose Time blogger and will continue to share my experiences throughout the 2014/15 school year."

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  1. great idea using the spice containers for the glitter