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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mother Goose Time Alphabet House- "House"

Today we began Mother Goose Time's June curriculum "Alphabet House". We started the day with our circle time. We put the date on the calendar, determined the weather, and review our other circle time pieces. We then started building our alphabet house that we will be adding to throughout the month.When I showed Mason the theme poster for the day he said "We live in a house too. But it doesn't look like that."

While looking at the theme poster we talked about what our house looks like compared to the house pictured. Mason said our house is white and red. He also said our house is small. I then asked him what he sees on the Theme Poster. He pointed out many of the animals and we talked about how there are not just houses for people but houses for animals too. We then looked at the Looking Glasses and found the different things on the Theme Poster. 

Next we tried to build our own house out of blocks. We talked about what we use to build houses and what animals use to build houses. 
I then wrote their names on their nametags and we made the letter M out of our blocks. Mason is able to write his own name but he said he would rather do it on a big piece of paper. We are working on spelling our name with Hailey. 
Our last activity for the day was House Painting. We talked about what our address is. This is something we have been working on with Mason. He is getting there. : ) The kids then were about to paint their own house. 

It was kind of fun because Mason learned a little about mixing colors by mixing his paint while he was painting. 

After we finished painting we went for a walk and looked for house numbers on the houses. Mason noticed that there are also numbers on the mailboxes. We decided that the numbers matched those on the houses. They had a fun first day of The Alphabet House.

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