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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

14 Days of Love

**Spoiler Alert**
If you are my husband do not read any further!!! 

So I have decided to do a countdown to Valentine's Day for my husband. I have scoured the internet and came up with some very simple ideas of things to do for him for the first 14 days of February. The following is what I will be doing on each day. Most of them I have already made but not all of them so I will update as they are made. 

February 1st: Thinking of You Gives Me the Skittles
This is from one of my favorite sites Oopsey Daisy. Click here to go directly to her site. She has even provided the printout of each of her sayings.
 All you need is the above print out from Oopsey Daisy, ribbon, scissors, glue, scrapbooking paper, Skittles, and a hole punch. I just cut out the saying and mounted it on scrapbooking paper. Then I punched a hole in it and put the ribbon through. Then I just tied the ribbon around the Skittles and tied a bow.

February 2nd: I Wouldn't "Chews" Anyone But You (Starburst)
This is from the blog Six Sisters. Again they have been so generous to provide the tags on their blog.
 All you need is scissors, hole punch, printable from Six Sisters, ribbon, and Starburst. I just cut out the printable. Punched a hole in the side of it. Put the ribbon through the hole and tied it to the Starburst.

February 3rd: You Are the "Apple" of My Eye!
Again this is from Six Sisters. Hubby loves green apples so this was perfect for him!!

February 4th: Donut You Know I Love You a Hole Bunch
This idea is from Kim's Kandy Kreations. I am going to be out of town this day (going on a Girl's Weekend!! eeekk!!) so I thought this would be a good breakfast for him.

February 5th: Thanks For "Stick"ing By My Side (Chapstick)
This idea is also from Six Sisters. Hubby is obsessed with Chapstick so this was a great one for him!!
You need printable from above link, Chapstick, ribbon, scissors, and hole punch. Cut out the printable. Punch a hole in it. Put the ribbon through the hole and tie it to the Chapstick.

February 6th: We Were "Mint" to Be Together
As you guessed this one is also from Six Sisters.
You need printable from above link. scissors, hole punch, ribbon, and mints. I just cut out printable, punched a hole in printable, laced the ribbon through, and tied it to the Mentos.

February 7th: 10 Things I Love About You
This idea was from Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night. Again another generous blogger who provided her printables for free!! I got the cute little container from the Dollar Tree. Then I just wrote out 10 things I love about my hubby and put them in the jar.

February 8th: You Have O"Fish"ally Stolen My Heart: 
Swedish Fish
This is also from Six Sisters. Again hubby loves Swedish Fish so it works just great!!
You need cut out of printable from above, ribbon, hole punch, and Swedish Fish. I just put a hole through the printable and tied it to the Swedish fish with the ribbon.
February 9th: Have a Great Day "Cupcake"
Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night came up with this cute little idea. I just made some cupcakes and then put one in a cute little container for my hubby's after lunch snack. 

February 10th: Coupon Book
Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night made this cute little coupon book. I just printed out the blank sheet and made my own coupons. I then cut each of the coupons out separately and the top cover and back out together. I punched two holes in each of the coupons and cover and back and tied the ribbon through.

  I am going to provide blank Valentine Coupons at our Under the Sea Valentine's Day party for the little ones for the mommies to make their own. 

February 11th: You Are One Hot Tamale
Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night made this cute tag to put on Hot Tamales. I think I am going to give hubby a sugar rush!! 
February 12th: I Love You More Than Sayings
I wanted to do an I Love You More Than Day. So I decided to make ten sayings and put them in envelopes that he could open throughout the day.

So I labeled the envelopes for 14 after each hour that he is at work. I also wrote "I love you more than..." on the back of each envelope.

I then put the sayings in each envelope. The sayings I included were..
Homer Loves Marge (Simpson's)
Lilly Loves Marshal (How I Met Your Mother)
Ty Pennington Loves Yelling
Shadow Loves His Baby (our dog)
Monica Loves Chandler (Friends)
Smoke Loves Fire
Cookie Monster Loves Cookies
Charlie Sheen Loves Winning
Little Man Love His Elephant
Chris Harrison Loves Saying "This is the final rose!"
Finally I tied all the envelopes together for him to take to work.

February 13th: It's a Treat Being Your Valentine
This tag is also from Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night. I just made some of his favorite cookies and put this tag on them and put them in his lunch box.
February 14th: Heart Pizza and I Think You Are 
"Soda" Amazing
Little man and I made a hearts shaped pizza for hubby. I also got him some Cream Soda because it is his favorite and put on the tag from Six Sisters.

Whew! Even though it seems like a lot it was really easy and fairly inexpensive. Great way to show my appreciation for all he does!!

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