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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Words

Continuing on our journey through W is for Winter from Oopsey Daisy we did a texture activity called Winter Words. I used glue and wrote out winter words and sprinkled sugar on the glue. Before giving them to little man I read the word to him and spelled it out while pointing to the letters. I obviously know little man cannot read these words but he loves the face to face interaction.
I gave him the words and then tried to help him draw his finger over the words and spelled them out again. He liked to feel the texture and eventually crinkle up the paper. : )
I then put a little bit of sugar on little man's tray and let him play with the "snow". We talked about the texture. It was fun until he decided to put his sugar covered hands in his mouth. ha! I do want this child to sleep. So we had even more fun by taking a bath in the sink (one of his favorite things!) 

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