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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Sensory Box

Little man loves new textures so when I saw the Winter Sensory Box in the W is for Winter Mommy School packet from Oopsey Daisy I knew that was right up his alley. It was a very easy activity and something that could entertain little man while I worked on dinner. All I did was find white items around the house. In our Winter Sensory Box I included silver wrapping ribbon, fake Christmas decoration snow, cotton balls, tissue paper, and Kleenex.
I introduced each of them to little man and we talked about the color and the texture he was feeling. I then put him in the bin with all the items and he was free to explore.

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  1. Hello Elyse! Oh my goodness! Your little guy is absolutely adorable!! It looks like you are having so much fun with these winter activities! I'm so impressed you are starting so young... but it's never too early! I appreciate you linking to me! This looks fantastic! XO