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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Car Mat

So I saw a car mat on Oopsey Daisy and knew it was something that Little Man would love. So I made on of my own and it was super easy.
I started by cutting a piece of felt that would fit on my counter. : ) I bought a yard but this was smaller than a yard. Then I (really my friend did) cut roads with a rotary cutter. I glued them down with hot glue. I did the same with the yellow lane dividers. Then I thought of all the places that Little Man and I like to go and I wrote them on post its and put them in different places around the mat. Then I just went to it and created each of the places according to the space I had. Here is what I came up with:

 The library
 One of our favorite shopping centers (Hobby Lobby, Toys R Us, and Target)
 Construction Zone (not our favorite but we see lots of it)
 Meijer and Panera
 McDonald's, Starbucks, and Church
 Train Station and train tracks
 Gas station and car wash
Our House and the lake

 The best thing is it rolls up and we can take it with us. I am thinking of making pockets on the back to store cars in it.

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