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Friday, September 12, 2014

Mother Goose Time's "My Amazing Body"- Me

This is the first day with our new circle time area from Mother Goose Time's Welcome Kit. The kids really like the birdhouse set up. I love that Hailey knows our number line is for counting. She always goes up to it and says "1, 2". So cute! 

During circle time I asked the kids "What do you like about yourself?" Mason's initial response was "I don't know." We talked about it a little longer and came up with that he likes he is a boy and he likes that he is a brother (could have fooled me!). Then I showed the kids the brown bird and then in a whispering voice said "This is a baby brown bird". I think I got their attention more that I was whispering. : ) We then took turns putting the brown bird on it's perch in the birdhouse. 

 Our first activity of the day was Counting Letters. I first asked Mason "How many pieces of clothing are you wearing today?" His usual response "I don't know" (Let me point out this was a Monday and Mondays can sometimes be hard for us all. I was really starting to wonder if I should start again tomorrow for this lesson.) Then I counted my pieces of clothing. Once he better understood what I was asking he determined he had on four pieces of clothing. We looked at our new name tags and counted the pieces of clothing on the line. Then Mason helped me spell out all of our names on our name tags. I tried to get Mason to help me count the letters in the name but he didn't really want to so I counted all the letters on my own. : ) When it came time to hang up our name tags Mason wanted to be sure his was first.

Our next activity was Listen and Try. I showed the kids the Theme Poster and Looking Glasses. At first the kids were not very interested then I started playing the game of finding the pictures on the Looking Glasses. When they heard me talking to myself and working with the Theme Poster and Looking Glasses they probably thought that was normal Mommy but they also wanted to join in. Ay, ay, ay it's Monday! 

Our next (and ended up being final) activity of the day was called Shades of Brown. I asked the kids what color their hair is. This time Mason's answer was not "I don't know." He said it was yellow. I said yes and when we are talking about hair we often call yellow blonde. (Love the random learning opportunities). I then got out some crayons and asked the kids to help me sort the crayons. They were not too excited about doing this. I finally decided maybe we need to be done when the kids looked like the following: 

We will start again tomorrow. As for now they will do what they love....playing in the windows! 

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