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Monday, September 22, 2014

Schwallier's Country Basket

So I picked up this handy flyer from the library when we were there last week. It is titled Kent Harvest Trails: Fun on Family Farms/Locally Grown Foods. (To see the website that has all the information click here). It is great because it has a list of all the local places that provide fall fun. While we have been to Schwallier's Country Basket before it is on the list and we had to go back! 

Here is a picture from our trip last year. My how much they have changed!!
There is so much to do at Schwallier's you could literally spend the whole day there and not be bored. 
Our first stop when we got there was the goats. When we first saw the goats they were eating donuts someone had thrown over the fence. But there is also feed you can purchase for a quarter. Once you have purchased your feed there is a contraption that you put the feed in and you can turn the wheel to get the feed to the goats at the top of this tower. The kids thought it was so much fun! 

Our next stop was by far my kids' favorite. The bunnies. Now there is a horrifying bad mommy story that goes with this bunny area. Last year when we came to Schwallier's Mason climbed inside the bunny house and would not get out. I was so embarrassed but somehow I finally got him out and on to something else. This year Mason was the master bunny handler. He would pick up a bunny and ask another kid "Do you want to hold him?" Once he handed the bunny off he would explain that you have to be careful not to drop the bunnies. They should be thankful all their bunnies were safe for the day...kind of.

Some other fun things we got to do in the farm area was see some chickens and play in the sensory corn silo. Hailey kept putting her hand up to the chickens and they would peck at her hand. You would think it would hurt but she laughed every time. 
 Then it was time to pick some apples. There are a ton of wagons that are provided by Schwallier's to pull the kids, apples, or pumpkins in. We went into the barn to get a bag to pick our apples. There was a nice man there handing out apples to the customers. The kids (and I) got a nice pre-apple picking treat.
There were so many apples to choose from on the trees. We picked some Gala apples. The thing I love about apple picking is the apples are low enough for the kids to easily pick. It  didn't take long for us to fill up our bag.

On our way back from apple picking we went over a set up they had where you could race rubber ducks with water pumps. Mason thought it was really cool and Hailey liked playing in the water. 

We ended our day enjoying our lunch on picnic tables by the barn. We also bought a treat there of apple cider and donuts. Overall, it was such a fun day. Schwallier's provides more fun things to do on the weekends. I think this will be a place we will visit every fall.

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