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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Amazing Body- Shirt

Today was a big day for us. Today we invited our new friend, Walker into our home. He will be hanging out with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He is such a sweetie and all the kids go along so well this morning.
We started our day out by looking at our shirts and seeing what color our shirts were. Mason and Walker both had blue and Hailey had pink. Then we sang (to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb): 

Mason wore a blue shirt,
A blue shirt, A blue shirt,
Mason wore a blue shirt, 
Then he danced around! 

We had fun inserting Hailey and Walker's names also. 

Our first activity was Shirt Shop. I started by asking the kids "What do you wear that has buttons?" This prompted Walker to lift up his shirt and show us his belly button. Then they were all showing each other their belly buttons. 

We got out our buttons which are one of our Child Discovery Tools provided by Mother Goose Time. I just so happened to have two other sets of lacing beads so I got those out so everyone would have a set. I was not able to take a picture while doing the lacing but here are the sets we used. 

 When we were finished lacing we painted the shirt and buttons cut outs. Our first painting project with three kids went fairly well. Mason wanted all the colors. Hailey wanted to eat the paint. And Walker did not paint much because he was so entertained by the other two. We are here to entertain every Monday through Friday. : )

While I was cleaning up from the painting I got out the water table that I had put the beans in. Who says there has to be water in a water table right?!? 
We then moved on to our next activity Who Took It? We talked about how it is nice to share and how we need to talk things out if someone takes something from us. The kids then took turns playing dress up with hats, scarves, and oversized shirts. Mason said he was daddy and he needed to go to work. 

Part of this activity was supposed to be us looking at the story sequence wands from our story Beatriz, Bananas and the Very Big Hat but we did not make it that far today. It was time to get some energy out so we got ready to go outside. We will save our wands for another time.

We had a fun day talking about shirts and belly buttons and inviting Walker into our home.


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