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Monday, September 15, 2014

Koetsiers First of Fall Play Days

It is hard to believe the weather is already so much cooler. Even though the date on the calendar did not feel like it should be fall, the atmosphere sure felt like fall out. So I decided to take the kids over to Koetsiers Greenhouse for their first of fall play days.
We have been there in the past but have never taken advantage of their play days. We have always just played in their play area. Well let me say it was well worth the drive and money. The kids first enjoyed playing in their play area. They got to ride on these adorable tractors, play in their kid playhouse, jump in fun inflatables, have some sensory play time in the corn (great sensory activity for home maybe), and so much more. 

They also have a really cute photo area. I tried to get them both to sit next to each other and take a fun fall picture but who am I kidding!?! 
Then they picked out a pumpkin to paint. They even got to put glitter on their pumpkins. (Mason asked if we could play with glitter at home after decorating his pumpkin. I said "We'll see." which every child knows means not a chance. But maybe there will be a day when I am brave enough. We'll see.) There were workers there to help get everything set and up and monitor the painting. They even helped with clean up. Ever since we have been home Hailey will go pick up here pumpkin and say "Pumpkie". She loves it!

The kids then enjoyed a snack of popcorn, donuts, and apple cider. 
We then went on a hayride where the kids enjoyed an apple. They got to see alpacas, goats, and chickens. The route of the hayride was decorated with fall decor and lots of things for the kids to look at. We got to get off the hayride and pick another pumpkin to take home. We ended the hayride by watching the goats eat some apples and learning a little about the animals they have there.

Lastly, they got to go on a ride on the bumblebee train. Both of them really liked riding and there were no protests when it was over.

Overall it was a great start to fall activity. It is something I would highly suggest to anyone looking to get out of the house this week. I did have to call that morning to reserve a spot but we had no problem getting in. Happy Fall!


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  2. Elyse, is this the place we went to last year and picked apples? It looks great!

  3. No, this is different. We actually went to the other place today.