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Monday, September 15, 2014

My Amazing Body- Touch

In week two of Mother Goose Time's "My Amazing Body" we started exploring our five senses. When we were talking about your sense of touch the first questions I was to ask the kids was "What are you afraid to touch?" Mason's first response was "Monsters". I told them I really don't like to touch bugs, mostly spiders. I acted like I was touching a pretend bug and shrieking. They thought that was pretty funny. 
Our first activity was called Lost Buttons. This was probably one of the first experiences Mason has had with math stories. We got to use the button manipulative provided by Mother Goose Time that Mason loves. (See all the Child Tools provided by Mother Goose Time here.) We got our buttons out and played with them a little then. I read the story to Mason from one of the Math Story Cards. I then acted it out for him. We did it over again and this time Mason added and took away the buttons. By the fourth story he was having a great time and was proud of himself for solving the problems. 
Our next activity was called Tree Texture Book. Our friend was over for this activity so he got to join in the fun. We talked about how we feel that our hair is soft and our tongue is slimy. We then talked about the texture we would feel on a tree. I let them look at the supplies and we described what each of them felt like. Then we decided which page each of the textures belonged to. At the end I made a tree top for them and they enjoyed decorating it with apples. 

At the end of our time together I set up my own sensory activity for them. I just gave each of them a bucket of beans, a cupcake pan, and some cups and spoons. They had a great time transferring their beans. I knew it was time to clean up when Hailey was eating the beans and the boys were throwing the beans. : )

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