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Friday, September 12, 2014

My Amazing Body Catch Up

Fact #1: Michigan winters are VERY long!!!
Fact #2: The weather lately has been beautiful here.
Fact #3: We are soaking it all in.

With those three facts I have a confession that we have slacked on preschool. I had every intention of when the school aged kids went back to school we would really buckle down and get into a schedule for preschool. We have not! So the last two days we have done a little catch up. I went through the last week we missed and picked out a few activities to do over the last two days so the kids would get a sense of what should have happened the last week. Here is a preview of a few things Mother Goose Time included the first week of My Amazing Body.

On day two of Mother Goose Time's "My Amazing Body" curriculum we started talking about body parts. The first body part we talked about is their head. We talked about how our head is a circular shape. Then we talked about what other shapes we can find on our body. Mother Goose Time provided us with shapes to use on shape mats. Mason really enjoyed matching the shapes to the shape mats.

Our next activity called My Own Head was also from day 2. I asked Mason "What shapes can you see on your head?" I then traced my finger around my head and he got that our head is a circle very easily. I encouraged him to make a circle for his head. I asked what else do we have on our heads. He first said eyes and nose. He then was not sure how to make a mouth. I helped him to make a half circle mouth and ears. We finished his picture with some spiky hair. His first self portrait is pretty cute! 
We then moved on to Day 3-Body. We talked about the letter B. I love these new Letter Photo Cards provided by Mother Goose Time. The photo cards have upper and lower case letters. Mason knows all his upper case letters but we are still working on lower case letters. It is great for him to be able to see them side by side. I asked Mason "What part of your body can you use to kick a ball?" He said his feet. We kicked a ball around and talked about letter b's beginning sound. We talked about how ball and button have the same beginning sound. When we were finished I posted the new photo cards for us to look at throughout the unit. 
Our last activity from Day 3 was our first look at our My Little Journal for the month. We started by writing our names on the front. We then drew a picture of ourselves on the front.

Finally we moved on to Day 4-Arms. Our first activity from this day was Bone Collage. I asked Mason "What do you think you would see if you looked inside your body?" We talked about the that the hard things you can feel in your arms are called bones. I then showed him the X-ray photos provided by Mother Goose Time. We looked at each picture and tried to decide what part of our body it was. Mason really liked looking at these. I then showed Mason the art project instructions and the pictures of the finished bone collages. He did such a great job matching the picture and I only had to help him put the arms and legs in the correct place. 

It was a bit of a whirlwind the past 2 days but we learned a whole lot! The kids are looking forward to learning more about their bodies!

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