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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bonus Day- "Fire Safety"

Along with the themed preschool curriculum Mother Goose Time provides "Bonus Days" every month. I always look forward to these days because it is usually something that goes along with the season (look for our Halloween Bonus Day later this week). Today we combined Mother Goose Time's two Fire Safety Bonus Days into one. Mason loves fire trucks so this was a great day for him. We started the day talking about fire trucks. We talked about the colors we see on fire trucks and how fire trucks sound. 

Our first activity of the day was called Fire Hat Art. We talked about that fireman's helmets are hard so it can protect them if something falls on them. We decided the helmet we were making was not hard like a fireman's would be. I measured their heads and they helped me to spell their names and we made each of them a fireman. : ) 

After we created their firemen hats they were all sitting at the table and had been begging for a snack since five minutes after breakfast so I figured it was as good as time as any to do our next activity Fire Truck Snack. Mother Goose Time gave us this great recipe card that has greats pictures to refer to while making the snack.
We talked about what each piece could be on the fire truck. We decided the graham cracker would be the truck's body, the ritz crackers would be the wheels and the M&M would be the red siren on top.

Our last fire safety activity of the day was probably the most fun. We started Stop, Drop & Roll by talking about what we should do if our clothes ever caught on fire. I explained to them if their clothes ever caught on fire they needed to stop, drop, and roll. I then demonstrated for them and they thought that was pretty funny. They practiced their rolling skills too. Then I taped a paper flame to them and they had to roll until the flames came off. 

They had a lot of fun rolling and bumping into each other. They thought it was especially funny when Hailey got a flame on her "boolou" (bottom).
While we have had a great time with Mother Goose Time's "Weather All Around Us" unit it was a nice change of pace to learn about Fire Safety. I also think we were able to talk about things that sometimes as parents we forget to tell our kids about. What a fun day!


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