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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mother Goose Time "Bonus Day"- Halloween

Happy almost Halloween. Tomorrow is Halloween and Mason is very excited about going trick or treating. Today we had fun with one of Mother Goose Time's Bonus Days. It was all about Halloween. We started the day talking about how we felt about Halloween being tomorrow. I asked Mason if he was sad or excited. He said he was excited to get candy. : ) I asked them to show me some sad and happy faces. 
We then started our first activity. Mother Goose Time provided us with a paper plate, craft stick, and green paper. The kids stared by coloring the plate orange like a pumpkin. 

Mason then worked on his cutting skills and cut leaves from the green paper. I cut leaves for the little ones and they glued them on themselves.
We then talked about if we wanted our jack-o-lantern to be happy or sad. They all decided they wanted them to be happy. I drew a face on each of them for them and glued the craft stick to the back. They had fun acting like happy pumpkins.

Even our real jack-o-lantern is happy. 
Our next activity was a lot of "tickly" fun for the kids. This one took a little while because I had to work on it one at a time with each of the kids. They each chose one foot to paint white. I painted it white for them (this was the "tickly" part) and then they put their foot on a piece of black paper. 
We let the paint dry on the paper and then drew on a ghost face. They said it looked like a foot ghost. Exactly! : ) 

For our last activity it was kind of hard for me to get a lot of pictures because my hands were a mess the whole time. I cut open the top of a pumpkin and we dug out some seeds. Then we counted the seeds and put them in groups of ten. I think we got to 80 and they were done. 
They then each chose 3 pumpkin seeds. I labeled a plastic bag with their name and put a wet paper towel inside. We then put their three pumpkin seeds inside. We hung our bags on the window and are going to watch to see if they sprout. I am not sure if it will work but I know we have done the some with lima beans in the past. We shall see. 
 The kids had a whole lot of fun today. Tomorrow we are having a little Halloween party at our house with all our friends. It might be a little crazy. (Pray for me!) The kids are looking forward to dressing up as Buzz and Jessie from Toy Story and going trick or treating. We are hoping it doesn't snow like the forecast is calling for. Eeek!! Next week we will be starting Mother Goose Time's "Rainforest Adventure".

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