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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Preparing for the Mother Goose Time Day

Much of the daily preparing that may need to happen I actually do before the month begins. I outlined this in my last post. When I receive my box I cut everything that needs to be cut, organize materials, etc. There are a few things that I do though right before our day begins. I usually do these things either after the kids go to bed the night before or in the morning. Here is my (some would say) bad Mommy confession. When my kids get up in the morning they get to watch two shows. So often while they are watching their shows I am drying my hair, emptying the dishwasher, making breakfast, and getting ready for our preschool day (just to name a few things).
Today was one of those days where I got our Mother Goose Time things together while they were watching their shows. I retrieved our bus box from the top of the bookcase and got to work. 
I pulled out the Teacher Guide, Planning Journal, and day 2  bag out to review what we would be doing for the day. 
There are some days where it is a struggle to get the kids to think it is a good idea to do preschool. I have found that if I get everything set out (that isn't a mess) they often will go to those things because it is something new and will choose to do the activities on their own. When they go to those materials and ask me what it is is when we do each activity. I just make sure that my other supplies are close by so I am ready to go. 
So today I made a hexagon on the floor with painter's tape for our activity Rainforest Walk and I set out the materials on the kids table for the activity Stick Shapes. I also made sure the animal cards and shape of the month hexagon were not far away for when they actually wanted to complete the activity.

We usually start our day with an activity from Mother Goose Time's Experience God curriculum. Right now we are in the middle of the Adam and Eve story with this curriculum. I always put the children's Bible on the breakfast table so we can read our Bible story during breakfast time. I read the same story to them every morning of the study. I believe in repetition. : )

 Our Experience God activity for today was called Herb the Turtle. We were talking about how Adam tended to and named all the creatures. This was a bit of a messy activity so I went ahead and got it all set up on the counter. (I am just now realizing I did not take a picture of that. Sorry.)

There was one activity for the day called Wet and Dry Art that I did not set out. It required the kids to color with chalk and to get the chalk wet. I decided I think I would like to supervise this activity and not let them discover it on there own. But I did set the supplies to the side (along with other things I need to do for the day) so they would be easy to get to when needed. 
Once we were all set for the day and the shows were up it was time for breakfast. Happy Mother Goose Time day! 

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