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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Rainforest Adventure"- Rainforest

Welcome to November and a whole new Mother Goose Time curriculum "Rainforest Adventure". After going through this new curriculum I was very excited about this upcoming month. I started this curriculum off by asking Mason what he thought we could find in the rainforest. He first said a bear. Then realized he was not too sure. Oddly enough we watched The Lion King just recently so we were able to talk about the animals that we saw in that movie and realize that many of them live in the rainforest. 
We started the day off with a lesson from Mother Goose Time's Experience God curriculum. This month we are talking about the story of Adam and Eve and our theme is that God is just. We started by reading the Adam and Eve story from our children's Bible. I then showed the kids the first story card and read to them about Adam. 

 Our activity for the day was to put the events of the Adam and Eve story in order. Using the colorful cards provided by Experience God. 

The kids then got to color a picture of Adam.

Our first activity from "Rainforest Adventure" was called Big Breath. The opening question for this activity was "Where do you think clean air comes from?" Before asking this question to Mason and Hailey I thought about that they may not even understand that we breath clean air. So we started by feeling our chest rise and fall as we breath. I explained to them that they are feeling themselves breath and that when they are breathing they are bringing clean air in and out of their lungs. We were then able to talk about that the trees help to keep the air clean. I then told them that often the rainforest is called the "lungs of the Earth". I asked Mason why he thought that and he wasn't sure then I showed him some pictures of the rainforest in some of the books we got from the library and we decided it was because there were so many trees. 
Then Mason and Hailey each chose a name tag. They helped me to spell their names on the name tag. 
 We then put the name tags upside down on the floor and they chose a name tag. We decided which name we had drawn and tried to come up with other words that started with the same letter as each name. 
Our next activity was Rainforest Collage. We again talked about things we would see in the rainforest. We read the book "The Rainforest Grew All Around" and were able to come up with even more things that live in the rainforest. By the way that is a very fun book! We then looked through the supplies for the activity and they each took their time making their own rainforest out of the supplies. 
Our last activity for the day was called I Spy Rainforest. I think this might be one of the kids' favorite activities every month. They always love getting out the Theme Poster and Looking Glasses and finding different items on the poster. They used the looking glasses and found the monkey, jaguar, and butterfly. They then fluttered like a butterfly and roared like a jaguar for much of the day. Thank you very much. : )
 One thing that I did learn about the Theme Poster this month is I should put it down low for the month. I often put it up on our string where we hang our art work so we can look at it. But when I put it up there it is never touched again. I put it down low this month simply because I had other things on our art work line I didn't want to take down. In the last few days the kids have gone over to the poster several times and used the looking glasses to find things on the poster. Almost every time they do this we get to have a discussion about the rainforest. Who knew! 
What a fun start to this new curriculum. I am really looking forward to learning more about the rainforest this month.


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