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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Rainforest Adventure"- Canopy

Today's circle time was exciting because it was the first time we could report the weather as being snowy. 

We had a good size snow come down yesterday and were able to build our first snowman of the season. It continued to snow much of the day yesterday and is snowing again this morning. 
We started our rainforest day learning about the canopy of the rainforest. We talked about who lives in the treetops of our trees. We decided we see mostly birds and squirrels. We then talked about what animals might be in the treetops of the rainforest. We decided we might see monkeys, toucans, and macaws. 

Our first activity of the day was called Subtracting Monkeys. Mother Goose Time provided us with counting monkeys that the kids enjoyed playing with at first. 

I then showed them the Rhyme time Poster. We hung five monkeys on the side of the Cars table and then sang our Five Little Monkeys rhyme. The kids really liked the rhyme and caught on by the end. Mason said the jaguar would not be able to get his monkeys because they are not close to the ground. 

The next activity we did may have been one of my favorites we have ever done. We started Bugs on a Vine talking about where we see bugs. We decided we mostly see them outside and in the trees. We made some vines from the paper bag provided by Mother Goose Time. The kids then laced the paper leaves on their vine which was a great fine motor activity. They then took stickers off the sheet and stuck them to the leaves. 

I think my favorite part of this activity was that Mason was "in charge" of the stickers and he was so sweet to ask Hailey when she needed a sticker. Their conversation about the stickers was what every mom wants to see. 

Their bugs on a vine turned out great! 

Our last activity for the day was Slow Sloth. We looked at the pictures of rainforest animals and determined which ones moved slow. We put the animals into one of two piles. Those that move slow and those that move fast. 

 We then put them all together in one pile. I pulled out the cards the kids moved slow or fast like the animals picked. 

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