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Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Rainforest Adventure"- Jaguar Growl

This month our Mother Goose Time blogger community is focusing on how we prepare. I think the true answer to this question is we prepare however we can. For example this morning I prepared for our Mother Goose Time day while the kids played with snow inside. Yes, inside. 

We have gotten an abnormally large amount of snow the past week and it is very cold. Therefore the snow is almost too deep to play in and it is very cold. I figure this is a good way for the kids to still play in the snow. 

Once I was prepared and the kids were done with the snow the first activity we completed today was called J is for Jaguar Art. We talked about what a jaguar looks like and what color spots it has. The kids then decorated the letter J with black spots. I then helped them to attach eyes and whiskers to their J. 

When they were finished with their jaguar art we talked about where the jaguars live. Besides deciding they live in the rainforest we talked about that people are destroying their homes. We decided to make a home for our jaguars. 
When then talked about what we would do if we were cold. We decided we would get a blanket. I asked them what would happen if we took the blanket from our tent. Mason said we wouldn't have a cave anymore for our jaguars. We then talked about how what we want might hurt others. We then worked together to rebuild out tent. I think Mason at least kind of got it. : ) 

Our last activity for the day was waiting for the kids in the toy room. 
The kids discovered the j and were very excited. We started by talking about how far a jaguar can jump. Mason then showed us how far he can jump. The kids then took turns jumping off the end of the j. We placed a circle to dot the j where they landed. 

Mason was very proud that he jumped the furthest. : )


  1. Like your idea about playing in the snow, I will have to try that!

  2. You do such a great job! The jumping off the J and marking it is a great idea. I bet it was really fun for them!