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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"Winter Wonderland"- Igloo

We started Day 4 of Mother Goose Time's Winter Wonderland by looking at the picture provided of an igloo. We talked about what we thought it feels like in an igloo. The kids thought it would be cold in an igloo. I told them that it is cold outside of an igloo but an igloo protects you from the wind and so it is actually warmed inside. Mason said he could bring his blanket and he would be warm.

We started the activity Build an Igloo by talking about how an igloo is made. They thought it was made out of snow. I explained to them that it is made out of both snow and ice. I then gave each of them a bowl of ice. They then sprinkled some salt on. Honestly, not much happened. Some of their ice started to melt but it didn't really stick together. 

I then gave each of them some of the manipulative cubes provided by Mother Goose Time and asked them if they could make their own igloos out of the blocks. They has a lot of fun making their own creations. 

We next moved to the table for the activity Igloo Puzzle. While they got started on their igloos we talked about what would happen to an igloo when it snows. They said the igloo would probably get bigger. 

They each covered their igloos with the blocks of ice (white squares) and their favorite part was putting on the snowflake confetti. 

After creating their igloos it was time for some play time. We actually have our trampoline in our basement so they enjoy going down their and jumping. When we got down their they decided they wanted to make the area under our stairs their igloo. So we put all the blankets under there and made it nice and cozy. 

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