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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Wonderland- Snowman

Well this past weekend was a little dramatic for us. We started this weekend off by Hailey having a seizure due to a high fever. We had plans of taking the kids to see a Christmas train and going to see The Polar Express. Needless to say we were in the hospital and then home bound for the weekend. Thank goodness she is okay and we just need to watch her when she get a fever from here on out. 

The night before this preschool day I put all the pieces for the activity Snowman Game on the fridge so we started our day there when Mason discovered this fun game. I was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready when Mason found the game. We talked about what size snowmen he would like to build and he thought it would be pretty fun to build a really big snowman. He then made a few of his own snowman card combinations. Then I showed him how he could make snowmen matching the pictures provided by Mother Goose Time and he enjoyed making each of these snowmen. He was so proud that it was the first thing he showed Daddy when he got home. 
 I then asked him if he would like to read a book about a snowman. I explained to him that this was one of my favorite Christmas stories. We all sat down and read Frosty the Snowman
When we were finished reading we talked about what were some things the kids used to build Frosty. We decided they needed snow, a hat, and a scarf. We then worked on the activity Build a Snowman. I set out the supplies provided by Mother Goose time and asked them each to make their own snowman.

Here are our final products. I love the difference between the one and three years old snowmen.

We completed the activities Dress the Snowman and Snowman Roll pretty much at the same time. I set out our basket of winter clothes and the kids picked out what they thought the should wear when it is cold outside. 

Once they were finished dressing like snowmen they rolled up the couch pillows and made their own snowman. 
While we had a lot of fun on our snowman day I am glad there is not snow outside to make a real snowman. I am sure the kids feel differently.
Before daddy got home they enjoyed making some gingerbread and sugar cookies to deliver to the neighbors. 


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