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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Wonderland- Snowflake

As part of the Mother Goose Time blogger community we are focusing on how to make preschool time a priority. To be perfectly honest I am really looking forward to what the other bloggers have to say. : ) I feel as though Christmas time is going to be very difficult to make sure we have a regular preschool time together. One thing I know that helps me is to be prepared. If I get everything set the night before I am more likely to have preschool time the next day. 

This Tuesday we finally started Mother Goose Time's December curriculum. For December our curriculum is titled "Winter Wonderland". Perfect for this time of year. We started the day with the activity Snow Cover. We talked about that it does snow where we live and it snows when it is cold outside. I then invited the kids to help me tear up some toilet paper and throw it in the air like snow. 

 They had a great time "making it snow". I then invited them over to look at our Winter Wonderland Theme Poster. We covered the poster with our snow and then pretended to dig in the snow with the Looking Glasses to find the pictures on the Looking Glasses. 

Each of the looking glasses have a question or prompt on the back. We enjoyed counting the pine cones on the tree and finding other pink items next to the hat. 

Our next activity was called Snowflake Stamp. We started by talking about that snowflakes are made in the clouds and fall to the ground. I then showed them the items we had to paint our snowflakes. Mother Goose Time provided us with a circle cut out and yarn to make a snowflake pattern on.  I thought we had white paint for sure but could not find it anywhere. So we painted colorful snowflakes. : ) Lastly they sprinkled some glitter on to make it shimmer.

 While we had the paint out I wanted to do our first Experience God lesson of the month. This month we are focusing on the nativity story through a curriculum called God is Love. I gave them each a nativity page to paint and while they painted I read the start of the nativity story to them on one of the storytelling cards.

Our final activity for the day was called No One Like Me. We talked about how snowflakes are all different. And like snowflakes we are also all different. I helped Mason to write his name and then wrote the other two's names on the name tags. They then held their name tags and danced like snowflakes until I said "freeze". 

Mason wanted to be a super cowboy rather than dancing like a snowflake. : ) 

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