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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Dinosaur Dig"- Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus

Wow! We are having so much fun this month with Mother Goose Time's Dinosaur Dig. I think the kids look forward to learning more every day. Today we start with Mother Goose Time's Experience God curriculum. We finished out our first week of learning about The Parable of the Talents. We reviewed our storytelling card about the man giving out the bags of coins. We then talked about how valuable God's love is (more valuable than money). The kids then were able to decorate their own bag to put their coins in. 

When they were all finished we counted their coins as we put them in the bag. You will notice Mason carried the bag with him throughout the day. 
Our first dinosaur activity came from day 6 of our study. We started by talking about why Brontosaurus' had long necks. We talked about that they need to be able to reach tall trees to eat. The kids then out together their Brontosaurus puppet and I helped them to make a tree for their Brontosaurus.  

We played with our puppets and made them eat their trees and stretch their long necks. 
While Hailey played with her Brontosaurus Mason and I moved on to our next activity Stegosaurus Spikes. We started by talking about our clothes and how they protect our bodies. I then showed Mason the Stegosaurus and asked him what he thought protected this dinosaur. He decided he used his spikes to protect him. We then played the Make and Play Math game by choosing a number card and putting that many spikes on the dinosaur. 

We closed out the day by looking at the Storytelling Set. I put a magnet on the back of each of the dinosaurs so the kids could play with them on the magnet board. I then read Jurassic Jam and Mason moved the characters around. 

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