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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Dinosaur Dig"- Fossils, Bones, and T Rex and Book Giveaway!!

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You may have noticed (or possibly not) that I have started to blog once rather than twice a week. That being said I am usually blogging about more than one days worth of activities. Today I am blogging about activities that we did over three days worth of Mother Goose Time's "Dinosaur Dig". Let me start by saying the kids are LOVING this unit. And when I say the kids I mean mostly Mason. He is a three and a half year old boy, I am not sure why I am so surprised. I am shocked through how much he is soaking in. He is able to name many dinosaurs and talks about some of the attributes specific to each. It is very fun!! 

I started the day off with the activity Counting Egg Fossils. I have to say I really am not sure why I started the day off with this activity because what I knew was going to happen is exactly what happened. The manipulatives that we received this month from Mother Goose Time are dinosaur eggs with little dinosaurs in each. I KNEW Mason was going to love them and this was the first time he had seen them. Let me just say the rest of the day was shot for him. All he wanted to do is open the eggs and close the eggs. And when I say "he" wanted to open and close the eggs what I really should say is he wanted me to open and close the eggs for him. They are really cool!! We started the activity by making our own nest for the eggs out of a bowl and some ripped up paper.
I then got the eggs out and they were very excited. They then discovered that there was something in the eggs. DINOSAURS!! Woo hoo!! We all played with them for awhile and then I tried to encourage them to play a game where we rolled a die and they put that amount of eggs in the nest. They had a lot of fun doing this and counting out each egg.

 Our next activity that we were going to move on was from day 4. The little ones went with me to the table to start the activity Big Dino Bone. Mason wanted to stay on the floor and you guessed it...play with the eggs. I got out the materials for this activity and we talked about how big the bones are and how dinosaur bone are so much bigger than human bones. I then gave each of them some paint and they were able to paint their own large dinosaur bone.

I invited Mason over a few different times but he did not want to leave his eggs. Not even paint could move him!
 Once the little ones were finished painting I got out some play dough for our next activity Bone Patterns. I let them play with play dough while I cleaned up a bit. Then we worked on making our play dough flat with a rolling pin. I showed them the shape mats and we worked on making different patterns with the rainbow links. One of Mason's very favorite things to do is play play dough. He mostly likes to make his cars drive through play dough. He decided he wanted to play the play dough but he needed to bring his eggs with him.

We not only tried to make the designs on the shape design mat but we also made fossils out of the dinosaurs we found inside the eggs. 

While the kids were playing play dough I read them this month's storybook Jurassic Jam. This is such a fun book where each of the dinosaurs make different noises on their instruments.
This part of the post brings me to my first giveaway EVER on my blog. Mother Goose Time recently was able to get all their books on Amazon. To promote these books some of us bloggers are able to do a giveaway on our blogs of these books. To enter the giveaway follow these simple instructions:

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(There are more giveaways to come!!)

Our last activity was Dino Headband. We talked about why a T. Rex might be scary. We talked about that they were big and liked to roar. We then made our own dino headbands and the kids kept trying to scare me.

"I received curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences in using the curriculum. I applied to be an official Mother Goose Time blogger and will continue to share my experiences throughout the 2014/15 school year."

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