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Thursday, January 8, 2015

"Dinosaur Dig"- Paleontologist and Excavation Site

We are excited to get back into the swing of things with the new year. I tried to get the kids excited by checking some dinosaur books out from the library and reading before we started Mother Goose Time's "Dinosaur Dig". It worked!! Mason was really excited about all our dinosaur activities.

During our circle time we started our January calendar, counted on our number line, checked the weather, sang the ABC's, and learned about the color purple and shape: oval.

We then moved to the kitchen table and completed our first activity from Mother Goose Time's Experience God. This month we are learning about The Parable of the Talents. I read from the first Storytelling Card while the kids colored a picture of the man from the story giving away his coins. Mason was really excited that there were coins on the picture. 

Once we were finished coloring we started the activity Land of Dinosaurs. I hung up our Theme Poster and we talked about what dinosaurs we know. The first dinosaur Mason mentioned was T. Rex. They then used the Looking Glasses and found each of the items on the poster. 

Next we explored the Field Journal. I copied a set of the Dinosaur Picture Cards for each of the kids. I cut apart the paper for the little ones and Mason worked on his cutting skills by cutting apart his paper. They then found each of the matching dinosaurs and glued the picture on the opposite page. I figured they would not be able to draw their own dinosaur and this would work on the little ones' matching skills.

 At the start of the activity Dinosaur Name I read some of the common dinosaur names to the kids. I asked them what each of the names have in common and they said they end in -saurus. We then used the Nametag to create our own dinosaur names. 

While I was cleaning up from all our fun I got out the rainbow links provided by Mother Goose Time for the kids to explore. We then tried to connect and disconnect the links. Once they did some exploring the kids went in the other room and I hid the links and they had to find them. We did this multiple times and they loved it!!

Our last activity, Excavation Dig, was by far Mason's favorite. I hid the cut out dinosaur skeleton sheet in sand. Mason then had to use the paintbrush to "excavate" the bones. He wanted to do it over and over again. He liked it so much that he actually never glued down his skeleton bones because he wanted to dig them up over and over again. The young two did make their skeleton pictures. I think they did a great job!! 

Side note: Over Christmas I found Water Beads at a store in Chicago. They start as very small beads and expand with water. The kids love to explore them. They can be a bit of a mess but very entertaining. 

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