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Monday, January 26, 2015

Mother Goose Time Giveaway Hop

In celebration of many of the Mother Goose Time books now being on Amazon the Mother Goose Time blogger community is getting together for our first ever collaborative book giveaway. In this giveaway we are featuring three Mother Goose Time books:

There are bugs on the ground and bugs in the air. There are bugs in the water and What? A bug in my hair! There are bugs in the dirt that zig zag tunnels. There are bugs that make hives without tools and shovels. Through bright illustrations and photos combined with clever rhyming words, children love to learn about more than 15 different bugs. This blend of real photos and whimsical illustrations trigger imagination and wonder for the world of bugs!

The questions get the giggles but these seemingly silly prompts invite preschoolers to explore the seasons and learn how animals survive in their natural habitats. "Does a rabbit wear boots to jump in the snow?" A turned page shows a white rabbit posing proudly with blue boots. "No!" is the fun refrain, followed by an explanation of how the rabbit -- and the other animals -- use their own unique body parts to adapt in the elements. Does a frog need an umbrella? Does a turtle wear sunscreen? Learn all about animals in this delightful storybook!

Each day, young Chimidyue would watch the boys run off with the men to fish and hunt. She wants adventure! in the Adapted from a traditional story by the Takuna tribe in South America, young Chimidyue explores the forest of the Amazon but soon gets lost. She overcomes her fears and soon discovers friendly sounds, butterflies, jaguars and more!

To enter this contest:

1. "Like" Mother Goose Time on Facebook
2. State the country you would most like to visit in the comments at the end of this post. (A little foreshadowing for MGT's February unit "It's A Small World".)

You can increase your chances of winning these books by visiting these other MGT blogs that are also participating in Mother Goose Time Giveaway Hop:



I also wanted to announce that Carla Hardy is the winner of my Jurassic Jam book giveaway!! Congrats Carla!!  

 "I received curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences in using the curriculum. I applied to be an official Mother Goose Time blogger and will continue to share my experiences throughout the 2014/15 school year."

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