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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Valentine's Day Book Advent Plan

It is hard to believe we are almost at the end of January and with February brings Valentine's Day. For some reason I enjoy Valentine's Day especially decorating for the special day. This year I added some new decorations for the kids. 

I went to Hobby Lobby hoping to find some metal mailboxes and did not have much luck. But I did find some paper mache mailboxes. I then found some unfinished candle sticks at Micheal's. I brought them all home and painted them and this is what I came up with. 

My thought is to put something new in the mailboxes each day for the kids to find in the morning. I was looking around on my favorite website: Pinterest and found this great idea from Not Consumed.

What better way for the kids to learn about love than to learn about God's love for them.

I also reached out to some family members and asked if they would write a quick note to the kids that I could put in their mailboxes to find. I think they will really enjoy that.

Then I got to thinking, I have always wanted to do a Christmas book advent but let's be honest December is crazy. Next year right?!? So I thought I could test it out with a Valentine's Day book advent. The plan was to read a book and do a related activity for each day. So I wanted to share the plan here with you. My hope is to take pictures and share how it is going along the way. So here is the plan:

Day 1
Book: The Giant Hug by Sandra Horning
Activity: Send a hug in the mail
Our  family lives far away from us so we might have to make more than one of these to send all our hugs.

Day 2
Book: Plant a Kiss
Activity: Hand Print Heart Tree Craft

Day 3
Book: There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose
Activity: There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose sequencing activity 
Day 4
Book: Snowy Valentine
Activity: Heart Snowflakes

Day 5
Book: Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse
 Activity: Sticky Heart Suncather

Day 6
Book: One Heart: A Valentine Counting Book
Activity: Valentine Number Matchup

Day 7
Book: The Day It Rained Hearts
Activity: Cloud Kid Craft

Day 8
Book: My Heart Is Like a Zoo
Activity: Heart Animals and Poem

Day 9
Book: Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day is Cool
Activity: Make valentine's for kids Sunday school teachers

Day 10
Book: The Kissing Hand
Activity: Kissing Hand Print and Poem

Day 11
Book: Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink
Activity: Make kids' valentines for friends

Day 12
Book: The Shape of My Heart

Activity: Chocolate Play Dough in Chocolate Heart Box

Day 13
Book: Secret Sparkling Valentine

Activity: Love For the Birds: Cheerio Bird Feeder

Day 14
Book: The Berenstain Bears' Valentine Party
Activity: Valentine's Day Party!!

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