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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"It's a Small World"- Suitcase

I am excited for the kids to learn about others beyond their neighborhood in Mother Goose Time's February curriculum "It's a Small World". We started our adventure by talking about what you pack in a suitcase. Probably because we were in the toy room but Mason said he needed to bring a number of toys. We then talked about when we take a suitcase with us. Our family lives out of state so our kids have seen us pack a suitcase a number of times. So we mostly talked about how we take a suitcase to go to Grandma's house. We then created our own suitcase with the activity My Suitcase. I set out the supplies and helped the kids to lace their yarn through the suitcase cut out. 

We then decided we were going to use the letters tiles to put their names on the front. Mason helped me to pick out the letters for his name and Hailey's name. 

 Mason was very proud of his suitcase and spend the rest of the day finding things to put in his suitcase. 
We then talked about what we would pack if we were going to Grandma's house for the night. Mason first said he would bring his airplane. 
Mason then helped me to spell his name and Hailey's name on their name tags. We turned their name tags over and picked one at a time and they came up with other things they would bring to Grandma's. We decided to bring clothes, snacks, and the dog. 

I usually hang their name tags on the wall. I use them for letter recognition and to help Hailey learn how to spell her name. Mason said he wanted to hang his own name tag. 
Mason was very excited about learning about others around the world. I was finished with activities for the day and he said he wanted to do something else. So we completed one activity from Day 2: Map. The activity we chose to complete was Love the World. We talked about who needs love. We then looked at our World Map from our Welcome Kit. We looked at all the animals. We located where we live. We talked about how we need to care for the animals and be kind to them. The kids then blew kisses to the animals. 
I then gave the kids supplies to make their own earth. We talked about that the blue represents the water and the green is the land. We worked together to rip the green paper. We then glued the paper to the heart to make our own earth. 

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