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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Inside the "Ocean Commotion" Box

 This past month the kids enjoyed learning outer space through Mother Goose Time's "Blast Off To Space" unit. Mason really loved this unit. I think my favorite part was when I was explaining to Mason that we live on Earth and he asked what planet Grandma lives on. : )

Mother Goose Time's April curriculum is called "Ocean Commotion". I think the kids will really enjoy this unit. They both love animals (mostly fish) and it will help us think more and more about warm weather.

One of my favorite parts of Mother Goose Time's curriculum is the new book you receive with the curriculum every month. This month's book is titled Ocean Animals A to Z and is written by Mother Goose Time's very own Leslie Falconer.

Library-Style Story Time Book, Every Month

We are introduced to this exciting book on day five when we are learning about the Coral Reef. Before reading the book you will discuss what you would and wouldn't like about diving deep into the ocean.  Children will then look through the book and explore the photos. As you read the story aloud children will trace the letters according to the suggestion in the text.

 On day nine students are introduced to sharks. They will use the Little Theatre Script to act out how sharks like to swim and hunt on their own.
On day 16 students will answer the question "What do you think it would be like to live in the ocean?" They then will look back through the storybook and see what they recall from the story. They then will use the character pieces from the Storytelling set and tell a story about his life in the ocean.
125 Active Discovery Tools, Every Month

Children will start off "Ocean Commotion" with the month's Theme Poster. On the first day they will discover how the ocean water tastes through the Discover Science Card: Salty or Sweet. On day six they will discuss how a whale holds their breath. They will try to hold their own breath up to five seconds. They then will try to hold their breath as long as they can and record their answers on the chart.
13+ Art Projects, Every Month

 There are so many exciting art projects this month. Children will start the month by making an oyster with pearls when learning about the ocean floor. They will also have an opportunity to make their own sea fan. When learning about ocean animals they will make their own whale and octopus.
33 Skills Built. Every Month

On day four you will discuss what shapes you see on a fish and ocean plant. Students will then explore the tangrams provided by Mother Goose Time. They will discuss what shapes they can create. Students will then create animals out of the tangrams using the shape design mat. On day 18 students will use the word puzzles to create a variety of words using the hands on letters.
20 Brand New Sing-Along Songs, Every Month

Hear a sample of this month's CD here!

If your child enjoys Mother Goose Time's music CDs provided every month check out Mother Goose Time's Dance n' Beats curriculum. A new series is available every month that goes along with the monthly theme.

Parents Want the Best, Every Month

 Caregivers are provided with a monthly Family Newsletter they can give to parents each month. This month's newsletter introduces parents to this month's book Ocean Animals A to Z and gives a suggested book list. Lastly, it suggests at home activities parents can do with their children outside of preschool. More Family Connect Tools can be found here.

Child-led Exploration, Every Month

 At the bottom of many of the activities there are suggestions on how to simplify or make an activity more challenging. I feel I mostly need to simplify the activities for my 2 year old. I find that Mother Goose Time's Little Goose curriculum is very helpful for finding things I can do with just her while my three year old does the other activities in the curriculum. If you are finding your child needs more of a challenge please check out Mother Goose Time's More Math and Literacy.

Discover Games, Every Month

 On day seven children will play the game Counting Suckers. They will begin by discussing how the octopus uses the suckers on its arms. They will explore sticky objects or suction cups. They then will use a die and place that amount of chips anywhere on the octopus arms.
New My Little Journal, Every Month

 Children will be introduced to their My Little Journal on day three of the study. They will have the chance to discuss what they would like to find hidden in the ocean. They then will look through photos of ocean life in books or magazines. They will have the chance to decorate the cover of their journal with an ocean scene. For more writing practice please check out Mother Goose Time's More Literacy resource.

New I Can Read, Every Month
 Children will work on their reading skill on day eight with their very own I Can Read book. Students will focus on three letters and three sight words throughout the month that are also focused on in the I Can Read book. I keep our letter and sight word flowers close during circle time and we look at them each time we do circle time. Many of the resources I use for our circle time are from Mother Goose Time's Welcome Kit. The kids especially love our Circle Time CD. When it starts to play they know it is time to start the day!

New Letters, Numbers, and Shapes, Every Month! 

This month students will explore the letters O, W, and X , numbers 8 and 18, the color blue, and the shape triangle. Students will visit the letter sets over and over again throughout the month. They are a great long time addition to your learning space also. 

New Friendship Feathers, Every Month

 This month children will focus on being respectful. On day three when learning about ocean caves and crevices we will talk about how we feel when we are in a crowded place. Students will then move around in a circle with each other. They then will discuss how when you are near others you must respect their space and not bump into or hit others.

Monthly Skills Chart, Every Month

 A helpful skills chart and gathering list are included every month. The skills chart is a great piece to hang where parents can see. I refer to the gathering list each week before I go to the grocery store. 

Teacher Guide with Built-in Assessment, Extensions, Every Month

 You can find other resources under Member Resources on Mother Goose Time's website. The member code is included in your Teacher Guide each month.There are many other Teacher Tools included each month that makes the learning more interesting and the planning much easier!!

There is still time to order your very own "Ocean Commotion" or you can join in the fun in May with Mother Goose Time's Growing Gardens curriculum! Not sure if you want to dive all the way in yet? Check out one of Mother Goose Time's samples!!

I received curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences in using the curriculum. I applied to be an official Mother Goose Time blogger and will continue to share my experiences throughout the 2014/15 school year.

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