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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mother Goose Time "Growing Gardens"- Soil

I am looking forward to May's Mother Goose Time theme "Growing Gardens" because I love being outside and gardening. As I was looking through the curriculum it looks likes we could spend a lot of time outside. I was hoping to do a few things outside with the kids today but it is a rainy day here. So we spent our time inside. 

We started the "Growing Gardens" curriculum with this month Experience God curriculum. Today I read the story card to the kids while they colored their picture. The story we are focusing on this month is the story of the seeds and soils. Today we talked about seeds being thrown along the path and how they were washed away or eaten by the birds. 

Our next activity for the day was Watch It Grow. This was a nice transition from The Parable of the Sower because we were able to talk about good soil. We started by talking about what plants need to grow. We decided they needed good soil, water, and sun. We then talked about what will happen when we plant the seeds in the soil. Mason said they will grow. We talked about that we have to take care of them though. They then filled their containers with some soil, planted their seeds, and covered the rest with soil. They then used the spray bottle to water their seeds. Finally, we put the containers in the window so they could get some sun. 

Mason then used his observations sheet and drew what his plant looked like today. I told him as we watch the plant he can draw new observations on his sheet. 
Our final activity for the day was What's in the Garden? We stared by talking about what is in the dirt. We have been doing a lot of clean up around the yard so the kids have seen all kinds of things come out of the dirt. We talked about how we find worms in the dirt. We also sometimes find leaves in the dirt. They then used the Looking Glasses to find things on the Theme Poster. This is an activity they will enjoy throughout the month.

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