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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother Goose Time "Growing Gardens"- Sun and Water, Roots, and Worm

It has been very cool and rainy here lately so we have lots of time to do some Mother Goose Time activities. The first activity we did was with the kids' My Little Journal. 

Mason went through the journal and practiced his letters. When we got to the end is asked "What is growing in the garden?" Mason asked me if I would draw what he wanted  in the garden. He really wants to grow carrots this year. We will try. 

We then used the Counting Cards: 9 and 10 to work on one to one correspondence with Hailey. We worked on covering each of the diamonds with the pattern blocks. 

When Mason saw the pattern blocks he asked "What can I make?" I knew he was looking for the Shape Design Mat. So I went ahead and got them out from day eight. Mason enjoyed making flowers out of the pattern blocks. He did a really good job fitting the pieces correctly. 

Our last activity came from day five: Worm. We talked about what worms feel like. I then gave the kids their own rubber worm. They then used their rubber worm to paint their worm picture.

It quickly turned into finger painting. : )  

While they painted I read this month's storybook Lettuce Turnip the Beet. I enjoyed this book because I really enjoy corny jokes.

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